Kitty with cerrebellar hypoplasia

Friday, June 24, 2011

More of Why We Spay and Neuter!

Scrappy is one of the 66 cats needing homes. A woman died, her survivors let her anspayed cats out to fend for themselves, and the rest is history.  The neighbors fed the cats but did not get them fixed. Then some neighbors who did not like cats started poisoning them and shooting them with BB guns.  Then one woman put most of the cats in her house. Now animal control is coming at the end of June and may kill all the cats.

My vet asked if I could help, so I went.  The woman who put the cats in her house is a client of my vet.

All the 66 cats are sweet and socialized, but Scrappy is one of the sweetest.  He has surgery tomorrow to figure out whether he will lose his eye. I believe he will survive, but whether as a one-eyed or two-eyed cat I do not know. He is one of the sweetest among the 66 cats and never stopped purring during his exam.

His adoption fee will go directly to the vet and will be $100. He will be neutered, vaccinated, tested for felv/fiv, and his eyes will be treated. He may have one or two, but whichever remain will be healed og illness.

Call (314) 650-0178.

Why we spay and neuter

Trouble is sweet and playful. Adorable, in fact. He was bottle fed by a woman after her neighbor trapped his mother and turned her in to the Humane Society to be euthanized.

Trouble and 66 other cats need homes! They are the poster children for the need to spay and neuter. A woman died, and her relatives let her 4 pet cats out to fend for themselves. None of them were spayed or neutered. Some of the neighbors started feeding the cats, but none of the neighbors got them spayed or neutered. They all said, "they aren't my cats." But they fed them, and the cats multiplied. Now 66 cats and kittens need a home. Those who do not find a home may be euthanized by animal control.

Trouble will be ready for a home as soon as he finishes a round of antibiotics and gets neutered- you may meet him in the meantime. He is one of 66 cats needing homes.

There is an adoption fee of $100, payable directly to my vet. Trouble will be neutered, vaccinated, and tested for felv/fiv. He will also be cured of his current respiratory infection.

Call (314) 650-0178.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lady Gaga seeks home as only cat~~

Lady Gaga, sweet little muffin that she is, starts purring as soon as you pet her. She kneads her little paws in and out, and gives head butts galore, in a riveting performance of adoration. Sweet little firecracker. She was living with an elderly lady and four torties. Reportedly she was quite the bully to the torties. Could it have been that she sensed she just didn't fit into the sorority of torties? Perhaps we'll know one day, but for now we are recommending that she be placed as an only cat. At her vet visit today, though, she was observed to be unflappable in the midst of exactly five barking dogs in the waiting room. So perhaps she would be fine in a home with dogs.

We are clear that she gets along great with all humans, and would very much love to have her own! Won't you come meet Lady Gaga?

Adoption fee of $95 covers spay, test for felv/fiv, vaccinations, microchip, upcoming dental, and treatment for fleas/parasites. To inquire, please call (314) 351-5328.

Blossom is looking for her home!

Blossom is as sweet as any kitten could possibly be. SHe and her littermates were bottle-fed and as a consequence they love humans and want to follow them around purring. Blossom would love to meet you soon!

Blossom is the tiniest of the litter. Some would say that makes her extra cute~ She is also extra sweet!

Adoption fee of $150 covers spay, test for felv/fiv, vaccinations, microchip, and treatment for fleas/parasites.

To inquire, call (636) 343-7106 or email friskywhiskers@hotmail.com.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lolita is looking for her home in St. Louis!~

One of the sweetest kittens ever, Lolita believes everyone is her new best friend. She starts purring when you pick her up. You can meet this sweetheart during business hours at the PETCO in Affton.

Adoption fee of $150 covers spay, test for felv/fiv, vaccinations, microchip, and treatment for fleas/parasites. To inquire, call (636) 343-7106 or email friskywhiskers@hotmail.com.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Perfect Dog-Walking Weather!

Such a happy puppy, Charley can't stop wagging his tail. Thwack, thwack, thwack.... he gets so excited when he sees you! And even more excited if you give him a kind word. He's also a very sweet, docile puppy who is quickly learning to behave like a little puppy gentleman.

Ony a few sort weeks ago, he seemed to have no future. Abandoned in a box under the blazing sun, he also was obviously ill when discovered by our volunteer. Lethargic and dispirited. Worse, he tested positive for parvo. This cat group could not resist Charley, though, so we inducted him into the cat rescue as an honorary kitten.

Charley put up a brave fight during several weeks in intensive care, and he survived the parvo! Now he's safe and sound, surrounded by cats of all ages and temperaments, and looking forward to meeting his very own family.

Charley is now completely housetrained and working hard on "sit, down, and stay."

His adoption fee covers neuter, micrchip, age-appropriate vaccinations, and routine medical care.

To inquire, call (636) 343-7106 or email friskywhiskers@hotmail.com.